9. Gmach Wilka (Biały Pies)
         2012- 3632 (Bóg Weles)

    Hokkaido Inu
    (near to Shiba Inu)

   Polski Owczarek Nizinny
   (Polish Lowland Shepherd)

  reflexia: A-rest
  Cmio x Xmio = 1M
  666 A-mi / produkt = 666M
  + 6'666 reclams = 1 Bilion Qi
  KI =



Not so bad. Chance today is 36%.
Was nobody else here next to me.


reflexia: 1999 – 2012 - 2016
See, did & will not need many words.
1. ecological disaster, impacts for years
2. data system hacked collapsed loaded

Slowly can look for a profil (story) -
for name rights and for copy rights.


   noticia : Jona, the wal & judgement (not happened)

    december 1999 - 2016


story to be continued ...

(please notice these are my copy rights)

my story - sabotage

entered , was/is - a weather - name account

(to recognize possibility- unfortunately others did also see)

1999: observed sky, right names & history: Michał Konrad
sabotaged december y. 1999 - lost jobs about 15.12.1999

1. first hurikan (maybe maded) 26.12.1999  (Stefan- crest)
2. second judge spring 2000 - 4 clouds figures (both biblia)

Moved under roof march 1999 Full employed seventh month. 

21.3. to winter solistice 21/12.- worked from 06:00-15:00 +2

Watched sky all free time,  4.floor, alone in front big window

Nostradamus 1999  - ''From the sky will come a ...''

Revelation: ocean , sky', come, koń (horse).  (Michał Konrad) 


26.12.1999 - Stephansday,  Stephan=crown 

Hurrican could be made as a sign or enter.

Looks is possible to make rain and more.

Such storm ''all ten years'' in Europe

4 clouds/figures

--> Daniel 7 + Revelation

afternoon march 2000: a jet, dragon (lion), forget and bear

Day ago tought about self-kill. Last was on a mountain (18 y.old) asked for a sign.

very windy, cloudy weather - took time maybe 30 secunds, big window in roof

In Jesaja 9, a son born. prince of peace. strong god, wonderful adviser (Konrad).

come - polish : birth.day 05.12. (mikołaj, nikolaus, mic),  1999 = 19, 2009 = 29 y.


The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of... (2012)

From sky will come a great king of t/error. To bring back to life the great king of m/Angolmois.

Before & after Mars to reign by good luck.

W roku 1999 siedem miesięcy z nieba zstąpi Wielki Król Grozy,
Wskrzesi on wielkiego króla (m)Angolmois, Przedtem i potem Mars panować będzie szczęśliwie.